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10 Reasons to Rethink Vaccines

by on February 27, 2011

a pdf of this post is available here

1.  There has never been a double blind placebo trial of a vaccine. Studies are conducted by comparing the current schedule with the current  schedule + a new vaccine or placebo. They are only studies for reactions for a few days to at most two weeks. This is neither sound science, nor consistent with any other type of food or drug safety guidelines

2. The current CDC schedule is heavier than any other industrialized country. The healthiest countries have smaller and more spaced out vaccination schedules. Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Israel all give 11 total vaccines versus the US’s 36. The rate of autism in those countries is 1 in 862 or less. In the US it is 1 in 150. Not only are their autism rates less, but so are their mortality rates.

3. The CDC and the Vaccine Court have both acknowledged that in certain cases of mitochondrial dysfunction or genetic abnormality, vaccine damage has induced autism in previously healthy children. The Supreme Court has also

acknowledged that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” in the Bruesewitz V. US case

a. Youtube video with Dr. Gupta & former CDC chief Dr. Gerberding

b. The nature of Hannah Polling’s predisposition is sealed in court documents. WHY?

4. 4. Outbreaks of pertussis and measles are occurring in vaccinated populations

a. Measles outbrek

b. In the current Pertussis outbreak in California, approximately 2/3 of the infected population was up to date on their shots.

5. 5. Vaccine injuries are real. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation program has paid over $2 Billion for 2500 cases since 1989. There are 9 cases of autism compensation including Hannah Polling


b. The Vaccine Court is awarding damages to families who do not use the word autism in their legal documents, but rather encephalitis or brain injury, whose symptoms nearly align with autism.

6. 6. The CDC and the vaccine manufacturers both acknowledge that severe and potentially deadly reactions can happen as a result of vaccination


b. The package insert for Tripedia, see page 11

7. 7. The government refuses to do a vax / no vax study on the grounds of medical ethics. Private advocacy groups have conducted such studies, contracting out the data gathering process to unbiased and reputable organizations. The results show a 155% increased risk for neurological disorders in vaccinated boys.  These studies also show a significant decrease in overall health for vaccinated populations, with higher rates of asthma, ear infections, respiratory infections, and strep throat

a. GR Cal-Oregon study –

b. New Zealand Study – 1992





20 (15%)

4 (3%)

Eczema or allergic rashes

43 (32%)

16 (13%)

Chronic otitis

26 (20%)

8 (7%)

Recurrent tonsillitis

11 (8%)

3 (2%)

Shortness of breath and sudden

infant death syndrome

9 (7%)

2 (2%)


10 (8%)

1 (1%)




8. 8. Our government authorities don’t have a great safety track record for medications and even vaccines. Why do we think our current vaccination schedule would be immune to that?

a. DTP – the original DTP shot had many safety issues due to its full cell Pertussis component. In the 1980s, the “Vaccine Court” and VAERS, the safety reporting system, were both created as a result of the safety concerns surrounding this vaccine. DTP was eventually replaced with DTaP, with acellular Pertussis

b. Rotashield

c. Vioxx

d. Thimerisol was removed from the children’s vaccine schedule in 1998 after the Simsponwood CDC conference.

e. The Guardasil vaccine is implicated in 89 deaths of healthy young girls, subsequent to receiving their  shots.

9. 9. Of the fourteen studies often touted as proof of no link between autism and vaccinations, the only involve the MMR vaccine and not the entire schedule. Nearly all of them have serious conflict of interest. In some cases, the doctors  developing the new vaccine, who stand to make millions if their vaccine is accepted into the CDC schedule, are also on  the panel evaluating its safety.

10. 10. A child receiving the full vaccination schedule will exceed the EPA’s safety limits for mercury exposure,

even with just the flu shot. They will also receive the same amounts of other heavy metals, such as aluminum, that a 200lb man would.

a. For a 22lb – 1 yr old receiving all CDC scheduled vaccines, 12x the safety limit of mercury, unknown on aluminum

b. Mercury destroying neurons

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